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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ServiceLink?
ServiceLink is a sophisticated tool that allows us to provide the best possible service to our customers. It helps by coordinating the real-time flow of information between our customers and their local Highwoods team all through the Internet and through wireless technology. It helps us track customer requests and allows us to deliver service faster. It also allows our customers to monitor the status of their requests with the most up to date information.

How does ServiceLink work?
Whether you submit a service request via the phone or the Internet, the process is the same. Once the request is received, a work order is sent to the dispatcher and then to the appropriate maintenance technician through a wireless hand-held device. Updated real-time reporting is visible via the tenant's specific login to monitor progress. It all works transparently to the customer-- but ultimately we are able to deliver the best possible service as a result of this tool.

What is so special about ServiceLink?
Actually, the use of wireless technology to help manage the process of providing service is not new at all. Just think about your ability to track a package via the Internet. ServiceLink allows us to provide the same kind of information regarding a service request. So while it is not a revolutionary concept, we think that the use of a tool like ServiceLink to help the flow of information between a tenant and the building owner is an innovative and revolutionary concept in real estate.

What if I do not use the Internet?
Whether our customers choose to enter their requests on-line or over the phone, they will receive the best possible service. In addition to access via, we also maintain divisional maintenance numbers for submitting requests.

What if I have an emergency service request?
First and foremost, if this is a life-threatening situation, please call 911. Otherwise, building related emergencies may be sent to us via a phone call to your local dispatcher.

How do I get connected?
Simply contact your Property Manager. They will provide you with all the information you need, and will get you set up using ServiceLink.

I was given a user name and password, but I have forgotten them. What do I do?
Simply contact your dispatcher by calling your maintenance number, and they will be able to reassign you a new password.

How do I learn more?
If you are a current Highwoods customer, feel free to contact your maintenance number to ask for more information. Or do not hesitate to ask any of your Highwoods team the next time you see them. If you are considering becoming a Highwoods customer, contact us so that we can show you why we think this tool enables us to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Customer Service Numbers

Location Phone #
Atlanta 404-443-1852
Greensboro 336-605-5338
Kansas City 816-960-6200
Memphis 901-683-2447
Nashville 615-320-7033
Orlando 407-849-2622
Pittsburgh 412-773-8164
Raleigh 919-872-4922
Richmond 804-290-2145
Tampa 813-673-6050
Winston-Salem 336-726-2099
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