Interior Design:
Our Mission

To enrich the daily work environments of Highwoods customers through a best-in-class experience, a high standard of excellence and superior design.

Our Process

  1. Evaluate

    Assess, research and program to develop the appropriate vision, scope and budget.

  2. Communicate

    Create concepts and coordinate with the local team and corporate executives.

  3. Coordinate

    Develop design plans in coordination with consultants and construction teams.

  4. Deliver

    Design process implemented results in a superior product. Empower property management with the tools needed to efficiently operate and maintain the new space.

Kameran Clapp, Katie Brooks & Monica Jones - Highwoods Corporate Interior Design Team


Our experience-based interior design solutions promote communication, collaboration and creativity in the workplace. Every case is unique, but a stimulating office environment incorporates these core principles.

  • Aesthetics

    Style is one component of interior design. The rest relies on function and beauty, a sense of direction and flow, the building's purpose and the people who occupy it. Color, materials, energy and light all work together to influence and optimize performance.

  • Community

    The line between work and life blurs together in today's work environment, leaving a need to create balance with alternate spaces to enhance productivity. Our buildings provide a variety of special amenities to create that "collaborative feel" and opportunities to recharge.

  • Wellness & Sustainability

    The interior built environment has a profound impact on our health, well-being and productivity. A well-designed workplace supports natural elements, such as daylight or breathtaking views, strategies to reduce stress and promote positivity.

  • Adaptability

    A classic design doesn't pull from trends. Clean lines, neutral colors and natural pieces work with core elements. Arranging exciting, eye-catching moments peak interest, but in a flexible format, one willing to grow and change with the needs of the building and its customers.

Project Types

Highwoods owns and manages more than 30 million square feet in BBDs (best business districts) across nine markets located throughout the Southeast. Interior designers Highwoodtize many of these spaces according to a particular building's project type as categorized here.


Company practice of upgrading and modernizing the exterior or interior of a particular space to meet Highwoods standards and enhance the customer experience.

/ high•wood(s)•ize / | verb
  • Developments

    Buildings, designed constructed, managed and owned by Highwoods. The interior design is directly related to the architecture of the building.

  • Repositions

    Real estate investment strategy to change the position of an existing property in the market place. Designers add value by changing the property's physical appearance and functionality.

  • Acquisitions

    Properties purchased whereby, upon closing, the buildings are "Highwoodtized" for an enhanced customer experience.